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The State Claims Agency’s Enterprise Risk Management Unit provides risk management advice and assistance to State authorities in minimising their claims exposures under the General Indemnity Scheme.

We work with risk, safety, facilities, fleet and human resources managers and other personnel in State authorities, to help them to better understand their litigation risk profile and target their risk management activities to prevent incidents which could lead to claims.

Enterprise risk management programme

We advise on risk and corporate governance, indemnity and insurance, health and safety, facilities and fleet management, fire safety and environmental management. Each year, we carry out a targeted litigation risk management work programme in association with State authorities.

Our enterprise risk management programme focuses on prioritising those risks most likely to lead to significant claims against the State. The programme is developed through assessment of historical and emerging claims, potential mass actions, and risks that impact across a number of State authorities, among other factors. We also use knowledge from ongoing interactions with State authorities, horizon scanning and international claims experience.

State Authority Learning and Events

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State Authority Learning and Events

Areas of focus

We concentrate on:

  • Reviewing, analysing and extracting learning from incident and claims data available on NIMS
  • Sharing that learning with State authorities and national stakeholders to inform risk mitigation strategies at local and national level
  • Supporting State authorities in enterprise risk management, including through on-site visits, inspections, audits and reviews as appropriate
  • Identifying risk trends either at local or national level and bringing those to the attention of the relevant State authority
  • Providing advice on risk management and indemnity
  • Providing advice on the development of risk policies, regulations and standards at national level
  • Developing, sponsoring and supporting safety initiatives
  • Delivering education and training programmes

Members of our enterprise risk management unit represent / have represented the State Claims Agency on a number of national groups and committees including the Cost of Insurance Working Group, the Visitor Safety Group, the Civil Service Corporate Services – Facilities Management Network and the Critical Incident Stress Management Network Ireland.

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State Authority Frequently Asked Questions

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