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A personal injury or third-party property damage claim may be submitted directly to the State Claims Agency or, in some instances, a State authority may receive the notice of claim.

Notification of a claim, or a potential claim, may be via a solicitor’s letter, the Personal Injuries Assessment Board, or personal letter.

If a State authority receives notification of a claim in relation to incidents covered under either the General Indemnity Scheme or Clinical Indemnity Scheme, it is important to get in touch with us as early as possible so that we can commence the process of review and assessment of the claim.

Claim notification procedure

The following steps will take place on receipt of a claim notification:

  1. Forward the notification to us via, quoting the NIMS reference number if the incident giving rise to the claim was previously reported on NIMS.
  2. We will respond to the notification. The State authority may acknowledge the notification indicating that the claim is being managed by the State Claims Agency and that all further correspondence in respect of this claim should be forwarded to us.
  3. We will assign a claims manager who will link with the State authority to investigate the claim to assess liability.
  4. All information relating to the claim (other than that which has already been reported by the State authority on NIMS) should also be forwarded to us as soon as it is available e.g. report forms, witness statements, safety reports. This information should be forwarded to the assigned claims manager or

State Authority Frequently Asked Questions

Get answers to some common questions about claim notifications by State authorities to the State Claims Agency.

State Authority Frequently Asked Questions

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