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As part of our continuing drive to promote and support good risk management practices we have compiled a range of guidance, reports and presentations from both the State Claims Agency and external sources.

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Title Publish Date Summary File
Guidelines for Cleaning Staff on Managing Mould Growth in State Buildings 1 January 2006

The SCA carried out a survey of moulds in State buildings in order to quantify the extent of building contamination by mould and to recommend appropriate risk management controls.

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Review of Occupational Health and Safety in the Technologies in Post-primary Schools 31 December 2005

A joint risk review by the SCA and the Department of Education and Science (DES) to assess occupational health and safety standards in Post-primary technology workshops.

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Goal Post Safety in Schools 1 January 2004

Based on a State Claims Agency assessment of goal frames used in a small sample of Community and Comprehensive Schools, this report sets out risk management recommendations when purchasing, installing, erecting, dismantling and maintaining goal frames.

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