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As part of our continuing drive to promote and support good risk management practices we have compiled a range of guidance, reports and presentations from both the State Claims Agency and external sources.

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Title Publish Date Summary File
Topical issues in Risk Management 27 October 2011

Presentation by Dr Ailis Quinlan to the Governance & Patient Safety Seminar, Farmleigh House, 27 October 2011.

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Tort Litigation in Ireland, the Legal Services Regulation Bill, and Funding the Clinical Indemnity Scheme 27 October 2011

Presentation by State Claims Agency Director Ciarán Breen to the Governance & Patient Safety Seminar, Farmleigh House, 27 October 2011.

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Control of Noise at Work 1 October 2011

This presentation can be used by indemnified State authorities in conducting employee training.

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Incorporation by Consultants and the Application of Clinical Indemnity Scheme (CIS) Cover 10 June 2011

Description of indemnity provided for doctors.

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Scope of CIS cover - Mental Health Commission 13 April 2011

Description of indemnity provided to health professionals employed in Mental Health Commission (MHC)-approved centres.

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SBAR Communication Tool 3 March 2011

Presentation by Anne Marie Oglesby, Clinical Risk Advisor, Clinical Indemnity Scheme.

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Procurement of Umbilical Cord Blood for Storage/Banking 29 September 2008

Description of indemnity provided for umbilical cord blood for storage/banking.

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Statement Writing 23 October 2007

Guidance on preparing a statement for the SCA as your indemnifier in respect of a medical negligence claim.

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Asbestos guidelines for accommodation officers 19 December 2006

An information booklet on asbestos for accommodation officers.

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Guidelines for Maintenance Staff on Managing Mould Growth in State Buildings 1 January 2006

The SCA carried out a survey of moulds in State buildings in order to quantify the extent of building contamination by mould and to recommend appropriate risk management controls.

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