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In line with our statutory risk management mandate, the State Claims Agency provides risk management advice and assistance to delegated State authorities, on whose behalf we manage personal injury and third-party property damage claims. To help State authorities enhance employee safety and health, as well as to support the management of risk and mitigation of incidents and claims, our Enterprise Risk Management Unit may issue guidance in relation to indemnity and insurance.

New State Indemnity Guidance

This State Indemnity Guidance answers key questions relating to State indemnity and remote working arrangements in State authorities, such as:

  • When does State indemnity apply to employees who are remote working?
  • What are the responsibilities of delegated State authorities to employees who are remote working?
  • Are delegated State authorities required to report remote working incidents to the State Claims Agency?


If you are a State authority and have any queries, please get in touch with us. If you would like to receive our latest risk management advice directly to your inbox, please contact the Enterprise Risk Management Unit via

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