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As part of our continuing drive to promote and support good risk management practices we have compiled a range of guidance, reports and presentations from both the State Claims Agency and external sources.

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Title Publish Date Summary File
Clinical Incidents and Claims Report - Maternity and Gynaecology Services 20 October 2015

In this dedicated national report the SCA analyses clinical incidents and claims in maternity and gynaecology services over a five-year period. It also provides a 10-year closed claims review of retained foreign bodies and the results of a national survey of acute hospitals’ incident reporting.

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State Indemnity & Driving for Work - Motor Guidance 10 July 2015

This guidance applies to driving of State vehicles and staff driving their own vehicles for work purposes. It contains risk management and claims advice and provides documents and policy’s to assist Delegated State authorities in the management of driving for work.

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Indemnity Statement for Self-Employed Community Midwives 1 April 2014

Description of indemnity provided for self-employed community midwives.

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SCA-FR.P.01.01 Fire Register (guidance and templates) 28 March 2014

This guidance document is designed to assist State authorities in preparing their Fire Register. The templates included are also available on the website for individual download.

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SCA-FR.F.01.01 - Fire Register - Occupier Information 28 March 2014

Form for recording information relating to the premises, occupier and relevant personnel contact details.

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SCA-FR.F.02.01 - Fire Register - Service Provider Table 28 March 2014

Form for recording contact details of fire service providers and competent personnel for the premises.

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SCA-FR.F.03.01 - Fire Register - Inventory Totals 28 March 2014

Form for recording the inventory of fire safety equipment for the premises.

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SCA-FR.F.04.01 - Fire Register - Daily Checksheet 28 March 2014

Checksheet used to record fire safety checks on a day to day basis.

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SCA-FR.F.05.01 - Fire Register - Daily Checksheet - Combined 28 March 2014

Checksheet used to record fire safety checks on a day to day basis.  Designed to include Fire Alarm System and Emergency Lighting Checksheets.

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SCA-FR.F.06.01 - Fire Register - Weekly Emergency Lighting Checksheet 28 March 2014

Checksheet used to record Emergency Lighting checks on a weekly basis.

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