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As part of our continuing drive to promote and support good risk management practices we have compiled a range of guidance, reports and presentations from both the State Claims Agency and external sources.

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Payments made to barristers and solicitors for the period 1/01/20 – 30/06/20 28 January 2021

In line with the State’s commitment to Open Government Partnership, including fiscal transparency, the SCA publishes on its website, on a twice yearly basis, the number and cumulative total of all payments made to the solicitor firms and barristers it has engaged.

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Risk Advisory Notice: Cleaning Guidance and Sample Checklist for COVID-19 8 December 2020

This Risk Advisory Notice contains guidance and template checklists which set out the COVID-19 general requirements that Delegated State Authorities (DSAs) should be incorporating into their cleaning and disinfection arrangements. It is a non-exhaustive template so the document is provided in an editable format to allow DSAs to consider site-specific factors e.g. locations and incorporate their edits as appropriate.

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Clinical Risk Insights – Winter 2020 7 December 2020

Clinical Risk Insights is a newseltter brought to you by the Clinical Risk Unit of the State Claims Agency (SCA). In this issue you will find articles on orthopaedic implant incidents, cauda equina syndrome, getting service user identification right and a closed claim case study in which communication came under the spotlight.

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GIS Risk Advisory Notice 19: Work-related stress and critical incident stress management during covid-19 19 November 2020

The State Claims Agency has developed a Risk Advisory Notice (RAN) to assist Delegated State Authorities (DSAs) with the implementation of appropriate risk management controls to help manage stress and critical incident stress in the workplace. It also contains sample control measures that DSAs should consider during the COVID-19 pandemic. Proper management of these risks can help reduce the incidence and cost of claims.

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State Indemnity Guidance 13: Use of third-party premises and temporary structures by Delegated State Authorities 16 October 2020

The State Claims Agency recognises that Delegated State Authorities may need to use third-party-owned locations such as hotels, community halls and/or use onsite temporary structures such as marquees or portacabins for capacity or other business requirements. This State Indemnity Guidance sets out the scope of cover and risk management considerations for use of these premises/structures

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Risk Research Report 02: Needlestick and Sharps - A 10-year review of incidents and claims across the health and social care sector (2010 -2019) 15 October 2020

This Risk Research Report provides health and social care enterprises with up-to-date numbers and costs information on needlestick and sharps, claims and incident trends in the health and social care sector. The report recognises that many healthcare enterprises are managing this risk well, resulting in low numbers of claims. It also highlights a number of findings and recommendations for action by the HSE, at both a national and local level, to help promote a safer workplace and prevent future incidents that result in claims arising.

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World Patient Safety Day 2020 17 September 2020

The State Claims Agency (SCA) is proud to be supporting World Patient Safety Day 2020. The theme for 2020, 'Health Worker Safety: A Priority for Patient Safety', serves as an important and timely reminder of the interrelationship between healthcare worker safety and patient safety, particularly in the current challenging COVID-19 environment. To mark today, the SCA is reminding health and social care services, which are members of the State’s indemnity schemes, about the importance of working together to make healthcare workers and service users safer in Ireland, and has set out 5 things health and social care services, which are covered by State indemnity, can do to enhance safety in the attached infographic.

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Medication Incidents Report: A review of medication incidents reported by Irish acute hospitals (2017-2018) 13 August 2020

Medication incidents are common, potentially devastating for patients and their families and costly for healthcare providers. This report shares national information on medication incidents reported by Irish acute hospitals in 2017 and 2018. It highlights the learning opportunities for health and social care enterprises to prevent future incidents and subsequent claims, and ultimately help to make people safer through risk management. It also demonstrates the benefits of clinical incident reporting and the potential for national learning that NIMS, the National Incident Management System, affords the Irish healthcare system.

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Risk Advisory Notice: Risk assessment for COVID-19 6 August 2020

This risk advisory notice contains a practical risk assessment template, developed by the State Claims Agency, to assist State authorities delegated to State indemnity in the continued management of the risks arising from the COVID-19 pandemic. An editable format of the risk assessment template is attached to allow State authorities to consider site-specific risk factors and incorporate it into their existing health and safety management arrangements.

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Risk Advisory Notice: COVID-19 Building Reoccupation Risk Assessment Template 14 July 2020

This document describes the State Claims Agency’s risk management advice for State authorities delegated to the State indemnity schemes in respect of the reoccupation of buildings during the COVID-19 pandemic to ensure that their buildings’ fabric and systems are risk assessed and fit for reoccupation.

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