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The Lifecycle of a Claim - A Walkthrough

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The Lifecycle of a Claim - A Walkthrough

The State Claims Agency is hosting a virtual learning event for State authorities delegated to the General Indemnity Scheme, where we will explore the lifecycle of a claim from start to finish.

This event will be particularly relevant to claims and risk/health and safety specialists in State authorities who are new to working with us or would welcome a refresher.

Webinar Programme

Through contributions from our claim resolution, in-house litigation and risk management units, this event will raise awareness about the claim resolution process as it relates to the State Claims Agency, outline the key role of State authorities in the process, and discuss the importance of learning from pertinent claims to improve overall safety in your organisation. We will also provide some topical updates on relevant developments in the area.


Please note this is a learning event for State authorities only.

To register or for further information, please get in touch with

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