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The State Claims Agency’s Clinical Risk Unit provides risk management advice and assistance to State authorities in minimising their claims exposures under the Clinical Indemnity Scheme.

The team:

  • advises on risk related to the provision of clinical care
  • works with those organisations providing health and social care to help them better understand their litigation risk profile and target their risk management activities to enhance patient safety and minimise litigation risk
  • engage with other relevant stakeholders on measures which seek to bring about system-wide change.

As part of its mandate to deliver advice and learning around risk management to health and social care professionals, the Clinical Risk Unit is pleased to launch a new series of educational videos to highlight areas and issues frequently identified in claims management.

What is the role of our Clinical Risk Unit?

The first video in the series introduces the Clinical Risk Unit and aims to help you get a better understanding of the work it does, and how it can help, support and advise your organisation in relation to patient safety and clinical risk management.

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Managing Risk: Getting consent in healthcare right

The second video in the series will focus on consent. Seeking and obtaining valid consent from service users for health and social care interventions is central to clinical care.

Deficits in the consent process, or in the documentation of consent, are frequently identified in claims management.

In this video, Noelle Byrne, Senior Clinical Risk Manager and Mark McCullagh, Clinical Risk Advisor, discuss consent and provide advice on how to get it right.

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If you are a State authority in the health and social care sector and have any queries, please get in touch with us.

Stay tuned for the next video instalment in the series.

Clinical Risk Management

Learn about our clinical risk unit which provides risk management advice and assistance to State authorities under the Clinical Indemnity Scheme.

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