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The Enterprise Risk Management Unit of the State Claims Agency provide specialised indemnity and insurance advices to State Authorities.

Our areas of expertise include advising State Authorities on the scope of cover provided under the indemnity schemes operated by the State Claims Agency. We also carry out value for money and cost of insurance reviews to support Public Financial Procedures (PFP).


  • Indemnity, insurance and risk advices to State Authorities
  • Briefings and training to State Authorities on insurance and indemnity matters
  • Procurement and Request for Tender (RFT) advices
  • Cost of insurance reviews
  • Value for money reviews

Insurance and indemnity guidance

Insurance requirements are included in contracts to ensure that third party contractors/tenderers have the financial resources to respond to claims where it is found liable for negligent acts or omissions appropriate to the type of products/services provided and the associated risk exposures involved in performing their obligations under the contract. Insurance requirements are intended to protect an organisation from bearing the cost of claims arising from the negligent acts or omissions of tenderers/contractors.

The SCA has published Guidance on Indemnity and Insurance along with self assessment templates designed to assist State Authorities in identifying insurance requirements and setting appropriate limits of indemnity.

View our Guidance on Indemnity and Insurance.

Specialist advice and queries

  • If your State Authority requires specialist insurance and indemnity advices, please contact us via
  • For RFT insurance and limit guidance, please complete the insurance risk assessment template and return to us via

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