State Claims

Welcome to the website of the State Claims Agency, the name used by the National Treasury Management Agency when carrying out its claims and risk management functions.


We provide risk management advice and assistance to State authorities with the aim of reducing future claims and litigation.


Where claims do arise our objective is to manage these claims so as to ensure that the State’s liability and associated expenses are contained at the lowest achievable level.


As part of our continuing drive to promote and support good risk management practices we have compiled a range of guidance, reports and presentations from both the State Claims Agency and external sources.

Some of these resources are featured below. Visit our Resources section to find more.

 Cover page of Survey on Child Protection and Welfare Management

Survey on Child Protection and Welfare Management

A survey of child protection and welfare management in Community and Comprehensive schools.

 Cover page of Guidelines on Managing Safety and Health in Post-Primary Schools

Health and Safety in post primary schools

Guidance and practical advice to assist schools in creating a safe and healthy environment for staff, pupils and visitors.