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Work-related violence, harassment and aggression (VHA) is a global phenomenon affecting a large number of working people every year. Arising from the nature of public services being provided across the State sector in Ireland, there is a high risk that employees working within certain sectors will be exposed to VHA incidents.

Violence, harassment and aggression - a snapshot across the State sector

In line with our risk management strategy to share learning from incidents and claims with State Authorities, our Enterprise Risk Management Unit has examined work-related VHA claims and incidents managed under the General Indemnity Scheme, during the period 2015 – 2019, across part of the State sector.*


VHA incidents occurred


VHA claims were received

€15.1 million

Estimated State liability


Median cost of a VHA claim

Key data during the period 2015-2019

New Risk Research Report

In this new report, State Authorities will find up-to-date numbers and costs information on work-related VHA claim and incident trends happening across the State sector. It also sets out a range of key recommendations, based on insights from incident and claims analysis.

Our ultimate goal for the report is to provide a robust evidence-based foundation to assist State Authorities in reducing the likelihood of work-related VHA incidents and resultant claims and their related costs within their organisations.

View report

The Risk Research Report is available below.

*Note: State sector in this report refers to the civil and public service, policing, security, enforcement, child welfare/protection, military, and Community and Comprehensive School education sector. This report excludes the health and social care sector. A separate Risk Research Report will address violence, harassment and aggression in the health and social care sector.

Risk Research Series

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Risk Research Series

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