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Sharing learning from incidents and claims with State Authorities is a core part of the State Claims Agency’s risk management strategy.

Our Enterprise Risk Management Unit has examined needlestick and sharps-related claims and incidents managed under the General Indemnity Scheme, during the period 2010 – 2019, across the health and social care sector.

This analysis was undertaken by the State Claims Agency with a view to informing an action plan at HSE national level (by the National Health and Safety Function) to assist health and social care services with the prevention of needlestick and sharps incidents and associated claims.

New Risk Research Report

This Risk Research Report provides health and social care enterprises with up-to-date numbers and costs information on needlestick and sharps, claims and incident trends in the health and social care sector.

The report recognises that many health and social care services are managing this risk well, resulting in low numbers of claims. It also highlights a number of findings and recommendations for action by the HSE, at both a national and local level, to help promote a safer workplace and prevent future incidents that result in claims arising.

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The Risk Research Report is available below.

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