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The State Claims Agency has developed guidance on the regulatory requirements relating to the inspection and testing of equipment and machinery, for use by State authorities.

The guidance assists State authorities in complying with their legal obligations in relation to inspecting and testing of equipment and machinery.

Inspection and testing requirements

The requirements should be used as a guide when planning, scheduling and monitoring inspections and testing. The document provides details of the inspection and testing required for each type of equipment/machinery listed. For each item the following details are provided:

  • Applicable Statutory Instrument (SI), Code of Practice or Standard
  • Requirements of relevant SI, Code of Practice or Standard – this provides a summary of the minimum inspection requirements for each piece of equipment/machinery. In some cases it may be necessary to refer to the original documents such as Standard, SI etc. for full details

Review of all equipment and machinery

It is recommended that each State authority conduct a review of all equipment and machinery, this should involve:

  • development of a register of all machinery and equipment
  • identification of inspection and testing requirements, including timeframes, for each type or item of equipment
  • detail of who is responsible for carrying out the testing and inspection. Where this involves a third party, list this party and the person within your organisation responsible for liaising and monitoring with the third party service

It should also be noted that this is not an exhaustive list of legislation, codes of practice or standards that may apply to the management of health and safety or fire safety risk in State authorities.

Request document

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