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The State Claims Agency has developed a suite of documents and tools designed to assist State authorities in managing their fire safety programme.

A fire event in a building can result in high-value property and personal injury claims. Given the large number of buildings in the State’s property portfolio, there is potential for significant loss.

These documents include guidance on fire risk assessment, emergency planning and inspection and testing of fire safety equipment.

Fire risk assessment and emergency planning

Effective fire safety management can be achieved by following the risk assessment process and implementing the necessary controls. Our guidance and templates will assist State authorities in the developing of a fire risk assessment and emergency plan for their buildings.

Download fire risk assessment and emergency planning guidance

The fire risk assessment and emergency planning guidance is available below.

Inspection and testing of fire safety equipment

All fire safety equipment must be regularly inspected and tested, as stipulated in legislation and various technical standards. Some elements of these inspections must be carried out by the occupier, while others must be done by a competent person.

Occupiers of State buildings must maintain appropriate records of maintenance, inspection and testing on all fire safety and emergency equipment. These records are an important element in the control of fire safety risks and are evaluated as part of a fire risk assessment. They may also be examined during audits and inspections. The records can be kept in a variety of formats such as log books or in a fire register.

Download inspection and testing of fire equipment guidance

The guidance and the sub-documents are available below.

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