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Welcome to the latest issue of Clinical Risk Insights brought to you by the Clinical Risk Unit of the State Claims Agency (SCA). In this issue you will find articles on cauda equina syndrome, orthopaedic implant incidents, service user identification and a closed claim case study in which communication came under the spotlight.

In this issue


Cathal O’Keeffe, Head of Clinical Risk, reflects on the impact of COVID-19 pandemic on the delivery of care in Ireland and provides a reminder on reporting COVID-19 incidents and of the indemnity and risk management advices and supports available from the State Claims Agency.

Wrong side/ wrong size orthopaedic implants

Mark McCullagh, Clinical Risk Adviser, highlights the risk of implanting the wrong side or size prosthesis during orthopaedic surgery, and discusses international experience and risk mitigation.

Cauda equina syndrome

Mr Keith Synnott, Consultant Orthopaedic and Spine Surgeon at the Mater Hospital, describes the importance of early MRI scanning when the condition is suspected, to allow for early treatment and reduced risk of significant disability.

Getting service user identification right

Cliodhna Grady and Natasha Coen, Clinical Risk Advisers, examine why service user identification errors can occur and how health and social care professionals can avoid them.

Closed claim case study - Communication Under the Spotlight

Katy Toher, Solicitor and Clinical Claims Manager, discusses how communication between the treating clinician and nursing staff, in relation to a patient’s previous medical history, was a key element in the case.

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