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The number of bodies under the remit of the State Claims Agency has further increased by 16, bringing the total number of bodies under its remit to 129.

This is as per State policy, as set out in the Public Financial Procedures; where the State is its own insurer and, as such, covers its own costs.

This Delegation Order swiftly follows the very large delegation in 2014 when 61 bodies were delegated to the State Claims Agency, doubling its remit. The State Claims Agency’s remit will continue to expand with a further Department of Health Delegation Order due later in the year.

New delegation

The delegation, in addition to providing significant cash savings to the Exchequer, provides the flexibility to State bodies to perform their statutory functions through proactive risk and claims management. These newly delegated bodies will be assisted by the SCA’s claims, legal and risk professionals who have significant experience of working with government bodies and State authorities. In addition they will also be provided with access to the National Incident Management System (NIMS) to ensure proactive risk management.

This delegation includes a number of voluntary hospitals which remain to be delegated, to a result the State Claims Agency now manages the claims and risk portfolio for the full acute hospital sector. Other bodies include the Central Remedial Clinic, the Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine’s fishing and marine-related agencies and other central Government Agencies and Commissions. The State Claims Agency would like to extend their warmest welcome to these bodies who will now enjoy the benefits of the State’s indemnity scheme.

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