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With the submission deadline for the Enterprise Risk Network Recognition Awards 2023 fast approaching, many of you may now be starting to narrow down what project you/your organisation will submit for consideration by 10 March 2023.

Award entries – our tips

The judging panel will evaluate each entry based on its merit and success at achieving your objectives. The top three projects in each category will be shortlisted, so it’s important that you ensure that you prepare a strong entry.

We have set out some top tips to help you create an entry which will resonate with the judging panel.

1. Plan ahead

Before writing your entry, you should become fully familiar with the award categories, online entry form, the types of projects/initiatives accepted for consideration and other key criteria, all available here. Give yourself plenty of time to plan and prepare your entry. Gather any supporting information or materials that will help you answer the questions in the online entry form and don’t forget to carefully plan out your answers, so they meet the word limits set out. You can always start your submission and save your work and return to it at a later date.

2. Carefully select your project/initiative

Choose a project/initiative that best demonstrates how you/your organisation have successfully addressed an important issue, challenge, or change. Make sure that the project/initiative you choose to enter fits within the criteria. These awards focus on risk initiatives which safeguard staff, members of the public and others impacted by the activities of State Authorities. A list of project examples is available here, along with success stories from previous winners and overviews of the 2020 shortlisted projects.

3. Tell us your story- what makes your project unique

Tell us the story about your project/initiative – what was its impact both on your organisation and people involved, and how did positively change things for your organisation. Be clear and concise in your writing, explaining what makes your project unique and worthy of the award. Telling your story in this way can make for a powerful entry that will stand out to the judging panel. Remember, to also choose a short, impactful title which sums up the essence of your project/initiative and will make it memorable.

4. Demonstrate measurable outcomes

We want to hear about the objectives or targets you/your organisation achieved by implementing the risk project/initiative – so what was the actual measurable impact of the project/initiative? What were the benefits? Did the project lead to improved risk outcomes within your organisation? For example, reduction in incidents, claims, sick absences, property/fleet damage and any other evidence of the success of the project e.g., cost saving, reputational risks, staff morale etc. Remember to quantify the outcomes where you can.

5. Provide your entry in the correct format

Stick to the guidelines and make sure that you submit your entry through the online entry form. Answer all questions asked in form fields provided. This will mean we can consider your entry for shortlisting. Supporting material in the form of graphics, tables etc may be submitted along with your entry in PDF format. However, the judging panel will primarily focus on your responses to the questions asked in the online entry form, so make sure to focus your submission response there.

If you are a State Authority, you can enter the Enterprise Risk Network Recognition Awards 2023 today.

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